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Images Behind My Eyes.

Your pictures.

By RabbitPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Images Behind My Eyes.
Photo by Yuvraj Singh on Unsplash

I can't look at your pictures for too long without my eyes burning.

They'll sting for the images that go through my mind of what could be.

I get choked up and can't breathe until I scream at my brain to bring back oxygen in lungs.

You see, I'm looking at this picture of you. I want to kiss this part of your neck and move my lips along it.

My hands want to grab the bottom of your shirt and pull it off over head.

I want your hands on me...


I squeeze my eyes shut until everything is blurry.

Warm tears run down my cheeks.

A deep sadness shakes me that these things will never come to pass.

Or worse, we'll get them and we'll get everything.

But one of us will have to walk away to save each other's soul.

I'll get to sleep next to you and watch you breathe.

You get to watch me do my makeup.

We'll go out to eat, I'll give you art and smile while you look at it.

On the difficult days I'll save space for you while you go through it.

My hands on yours and nothing can touch us.

Yeah, sex to. We'll fuck until we're breathless and exhausted.

You'll turn over, smiling at me.

My eyes open in hurry because I can't stand picturing that smile.

A hole opens up in my chest right in the middle.

I shove all these images inside it because that's where they belong.

Out of my head and away from behind my eyes.

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I see the world a little differently than most. Even at a young age I was writing down what I saw but never sharing it with a soul until now. I'm choosing love over fear.

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