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If Not A Person, Then What Am I?

by Gary D Holdaway 19 days ago in surreal poetry · updated 19 days ago

A Poem

If Not A Person, Then What Am I?
Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

If not a person,

Then what am I?

A mere shadow

Of who I want to be?

An infinitesimal fragment

Of an imagined self?

Or is it worse than that?

Who is this man?

This stranger reflected

In the cold, swirling fluid,

Of a freshly poured gin glass?

This wide eyed, vacant vessel,

This outlaw staring back at me.

Who is this apparition with messy hair and unkempt beard,

With his young eyes full of life and hope,

Framed in sunken, black lids,

and worry-wrinkles?

What life exists for him here?

What hope dare he have?

What light,

At the end of the tunnel?

Which line will he walk?

The white, powdered one,

With it’s whispered promises of a good time?

Or the long, hard one, which he knows leads to happiness?

I and this mirrored entity,

We are not the same,

Though his reality bends to my will.

His ‘now’ changes at my declaration.

If not a person, then who is he?

If not a person, then what am I?

Only I can decide.

* * * * *

This poem is day 1 in my 30 days of poetry challenge. I’m sure you can tell I am far from a poet, but I’m hoping to experiment, learn, grow, and have fun with poetry over the next 30 days.

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