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If I Were...

by Incipient Poet 4 years ago in sad poetry
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What You Made Me

They painted me, shades and shapes i never knew.

Drew on a smile seemingly forced like glue.

Colored in my cheeks bright and rosey red,

You charcoaled in my eyes, making them seem dead.

They unwound the cassette tape playing between my ears,

Bestowed me with a DVD replaying ungodly fears.

Took the feathers out my hair,

Had me wear it straight,

You told me how to wear it,

So it ended up shaved.

I tried to create my own mold

And live in my own skin,

But everything i was

You told me was a sin.

You wiped away the oceans in my eyes,

You took my arm told me to wear a disguise.

I tried to pull away but the strings are bound too tight

By the time i saw the evil in your eye.

My cosmic energy was taken when i was only five

My ankles laced with chains instead of twine

Feet were heavy no longer making a feathery dance

You turned my heart into petrous stone.

Yet some how at the same time frangible.

A static cactus standing alone

My softness has become intangible.

So now I am left asking,

God, if I were a piece of furniture,

Do you think that maybe they would see my worth?

Maybe they'd at least be concerned if I am broken or torn?

Do you think that if I was a toaster, microwave,

Something they use every day would it still be so easy to just throw me away?

Do you think if I were a Bible,

They'd dare to tear my pages away?

Do you think if I were a bird they'd tear off my wings?

Do you think if i were there cactus would they paint beautiful things?

Do you think if I were a stranger they met on the street,

Do you think maybe then they'd ever love me?

sad poetry

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