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if e.e. cummings was a sailor

by Lightning Bolt 6 months ago in performance poetry Β· updated 25 days ago

next to of course poseidon atlantis i

Barnacle Bill ’s


who used to

adhere to waterproof

Spanish galleons

and suck onetwothreefourfive seabassjustlikethat


he was a fine crustacean

and what i want to glub is

how do you like your heart-shaped shells

Briny Depths


anycods lived in a pretty fish school

(with down so raising all wapuku)

ocean lake river land

they swam their dance they danced their swam

crustaceans and octopi (both little and small)

cared for cleaner wrasse not at all

they rode the currents they could not see

plankton algae kelp anemone

mermaids guessed (but only four

and deep they less as up they more

river land ocean lake)

that no one loved them on a plate

when by blue and beluga whale blowhole

they blubber their joy they sell their souls

white by sharks and red by herring

any marine life was theirs for sharing

some eels neatly devoured their urchins

hid their electrics and did their morays

(gash glub trash and then) they

fimbriated their snowflakes and sniped their prey

plankton algae anemone kelp

(and only the waves can begin to help)

the angelfish are apt to be devilish

with inflated puffers highly poisonous

one day anysquids beached i guess

(so no bigger shark ever ate their flesh)

busy krill scurried away with scales

gill by gill and tail by tail

all by all and deep by deep

and turtle by shell they earn their keep

nofish and anysquid by water blessed

crabs by no and conches by yes

Pirates and laddies (both anal and oral)

lake river ocean coral

reaped their sowing and came their more

tube worms oysters groupers whores


i bury your hook in me(i feel its pull in

my mouth)i am never without it(anywhere

i swim you float, my captain; and whatever line

is attached to me is your doing, windjammer)

i fear

no fate(for you are my fate, my swab)i want

no bait(for human you are my bait, my lure)

and it’s you caught whatever a net has always netted

and whatever a dolphin will always sing is you

here is the deepest depths no air-breather knows

(here is the pit of the pit and the bottom of the bottom

and the salt of the salt of a sea called life; which flows

stronger than ship can hope or jack can ride)

and this is the wonder that's keeping the continents apart

i swallow your hook(i bury it in my heart)


Inspired by three e.e. cummings poems....

Buffalo Bill's -- anyone lived in a pretty how town


I Carry Your Heart in Me

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