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If a T-Rex Could Drive a Truck

A Children's Poem

By Haley M.T.Published about a month ago 1 min read
Dinosaur's walking around the city. Although the picture was created with the help of openart.ai, the poem is an original work.

Here we live, a modern time,

Where humans rule the land,

But if dinos were here in their prime,

What would they understand?

If a T-Rex could drive a truck,

Would the roads be safe to walk?

Would they help a driver get unstuck,

Or would they destroy the block?

If a Brachiosaurus could sing a chorus,

Would their voice ring to the sky?

Or would they wait to sing before us,

So that others could give their try?

Would a Triceratops want to work,

As a banker, teacher, or vet?

Or would they be a soda jerk,

Serving drinks when you’re upset?

Would a Spinosaurus spend their day,

Swimming laps around the pool?

Or would they invite their friends to play,

And simply enjoy the cool?

Would a Pterodactyl take a plane,

Instead of having to fly?

Or would they better enjoy a train,

Watching the countryside go by?

Would a Stegosaurus spend its time,

Learning to draw, read, and write?

Would it like mysteries or for words to rhyme?

Would it stay up late to read at night?

Would a Velociraptor run a marathon,

Or chase a much bigger dream?

Would they train hard and press on,

So they could be part of an Olympic team?

Would a Diplodocus like to bake,

And make sweets for all its friends?

Do they like pies, bread, or cake?

Just bake it all and see where it ends!

Would a Troodon become an actor,

Of the stage or of the screen?

Do they dream of being a star,

Or reciting a playwright’s scene?

Even though it’s modern day,

And the dinosaurs are gone,

It’s fun to think about what they’d say

Or do if they lived on.

So, if you’re ever filled with strife,

And you find your imagination stuck,

Just stop to think about a modern life:

If a T-rex could drive a truck

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About the Creator

Haley M.T.

I'm just a simple day-to-day writer just trying to get by in life. No grand past or achievements, simply a Jill-of-Some-Trades enjoying a hobby.

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  • Esala Gunathilake21 days ago

    You are super imaginative poet. I just subscribed you to receive your future stories. I look forward to your subscription help too. Thanks!!!

Haley M.T.Written by Haley M.T.

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