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I have seen roses bleed red

Para Cecilia

By Conrad IlesiaPublished 11 months ago 1 min read


I have seen roses bleed red and

The truest hearts beaten blue but

To myself I remain true

(Or try to).

You stood beside my attempts,

Accepted my delicate pretense.

I have seen roses bleed red and

Beaten violets turn blue but

One thing I know is true:

(This I will keep to the end)

I have the truest friend;

And so do you.


I saw her blood

Under a defective street light

On a misty Denver night

As she was hugging me—

Wanting a reaction,

A demanded interaction,

Some human emotion but

I was alone,

An Egyptian stone.

I have seen love betrayed,

Played the role of the confessor;

I have watched compassion fade away

And leave its remnants for another day;

I have seen roses bleed red and

I don’t want to see it again.

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Conrad Ilesia

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CIWritten by Conrad Ilesia

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