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I Am Lost

Before I found myself

By Mira KatyalPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
I Am Lost
Photo by Farrinni on Unsplash

I know I am blessed

But do not feel it?

I am searching

but cannot find it

It is silly

I have everything

So why this persistence?

I have the choice title

at my job from 9 to 5

the latest BMW

I do drive

I have been to Paris

Rome and New York

and still could not find myself

I went to the raving retreat

with Tony Robbins

on the lead

I followed gurus

of love eat and pray

so why do I

keep on looking?

Then one day I had a talk

with a dear friend

A snippet, a chat

and a dream from the heart

This time I paused

I really listened

And in the silence

I found the clue

the bits and parts

of wise gurus

From the teachers

hidden here and there

patiently I stitched

them up

and slowly slowly

found what I was missing

Now the dreams do not disturb

The intrusive heart is

finally silent

I forget what it was

that I was searching

Now I am simply living

Namaste Namaste!

to all hidden gurus

that were merely passing by

that paused to my query

and pointed the way


About the Creator

Mira Katyal

Hi! I I like to experience, write, teach and consult. I started my holistic journey in the 2000's, eventually starting MiraOm. Using eastern modalities- Ayurveda, Reiki, yoga, I help deconstruct stress, and build up calm. Namaste, Mira.

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