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I am Home

Sweet comfort wherever I go.

By Marina FortuñoPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Jared Rice at Unsplashed

Quilted patterns, deep blue

colour of my soul.

Sinking into sleep

to the sound of droplets,

tapping on the window.

I am home.


Fairytale cliffs, faraway lands.

Cows staring into the soul,

sparkling jewels instead of eyes.

Freshly clean winds,

from sea-level heights.

I am home.


The River Thames speaking,

under bridges, crashing waves.

Musicians throw notes

by the walkway into air.

The soft summer breeze says,

I am home.


Jungle scenes, open wings

bright celeste, red, green.

Parakeets and macaws,

soaring into sight.

Tropical rain, exotic delight.

I am home.


Ocean turquoise, powdered sand,

a golden sunset glow.

Sweet taste of coconut,

hands clasped,

birds singing songs of love.

I am home.


Sparkling white peaks,

winter's rare gift.

Icing sugar to life's dessert.

Hot chocolate, tingling hands.

By the crackling fire at night,

I am home.


Pan dulce, fresh coffee.

Garden flowers, purple clouds.

Book of love,

words resting on my chest

and nurturing my mind.

I am home.


They matter not,

the places where I am.

When my heart drums steady

and air fills my lungs.

When nature’s force is grounding

and divine light warm inside.


Breathe in,

Breathe out.

I am home.

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Marina Fortuño

I'm a work in progress! On top of working in communications, I love writing for fun (mainly short stories, informative bits and heartfelt pieces to make people happy).

This is my personal writing page.

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TW: @marina_writing

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