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I Am Choosing Not To Wait Anymore

Are you choosing to wait or to take actions?

By Lou_EinalePublished 4 months ago 1 min read

I was told to wait

But I am choosing my own way.

I was reminded to be patient

But what does it really mean?

My heart says different

From what my mind thinks.

Waiting is unending game

Will I win if I just wait?

I feel I am just wasting my time

Rather than pursuing what I want.

I felt I am avoiding and making excuses

And make fear take over my life.

When did it started I stop taking risk?

Why did I just chose to silence my dreams?

Where does this little fighter went?

How did I let myself get lost in the dark?

I need to retreat and get my life in track

Redeem what I’ve lost and be my real self.

Enough with procrastinations and laziness

And make my body move to right direction.

Today I will choose not to wait anymore

To not let my anxious mind interfere.

Let my heart guide me to my happiness

That is shouting loudly to be free and alive.

Start making actions on my plans

Doing my share rather than just waiting.

Hoping my stubbornness will bear fruits

Lightning positivity along my way.

Hoping time will be in my best interest

Praying my decisions to be blessed.

Waiting and patience is part of the test

I really want to find love and happiness.

The wait is over and time to make action

I am coming now to chase my dream.

Time to live and find the inner peace

I am choosing not to wait anymore.

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  • Johnmary Ehebhamen4 months ago


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