His Waves

Bri Wellington

His Waves

Graced with strong hands and a hardened heart

He didn't mind much tearing me apart

I found myself drowning

In the middle of a sea

His cold brutal waves

Washing over me

He's made of water

He could've helped me grow

Instead he'd rather

Take control

Could've cleaned my wounds

And quenched my thirst

But he yelled and yelled

And put his misery first.

I thought the weights on my feet

Were all due to him

But I realized soon enough

That I knew how to swim

And that his waves only had

The strength I allowed

I commanded silence

And didn't hear a sound

I decided that I

Was worth way more

Than his wrong intentions

Or what he had in store

So I took a breath

And swam to the shore

Thinking there are better things that I

Could be fighting for

At first I couldn't

Escape his being

Alone at night

But I couldn't stop seeing

The fire in his eyes

As his grip tightened

Against my neck

My lips whitened

His abuse printed

Carved into my brain

He still had control

Because I was going insane

When they asked where I'd been

I couldn't say his name

I made up a lie

I took all the blame

How could I have known?

There was no possible way

It wasn't my fault

That's what they say

When you fall in love

Sometimes you go blind

And I hadn't seen the knife

That he held up behind

It took me a while

Alone to see

There was so much more

That I could be

I had gotten the strength

To walk out and leave

I just had to prove

I no longer believe

The words he said

That echoed in my mind

It would take work

But I would find

That I could heal

If I learned how to love

Who I am

If I kept my head above

The debris he left behind

The floods that arose

Keep a clear mind

And remember that I chose

That I'm better than this

And his wicked ways

There's nothing I'll miss

I'll have better days

Today my eyes

Are full of stars

Because I've realized

He's given me scars

And he gave me hurt

Enough to last for years

He gave my lies

He laughed at my tears

And his waves held me down

For way too long

I refuse to drown

He's got it all wrong

I am a mountain

And his waves surrendered

He gave me pain

But I don't remember.

Bri Wellington
Bri Wellington
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