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"Hi, My Name Is..."

by McKenzie Keathley 8 days ago in heartbreak
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"...And I Am An Addict"

"Hi, My Name Is..."
Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

I am an addict,

But not in the way you think.

My addiction is touch, physical contact, intimacy.

The rush of dopamine I receive from an accidental brush of a hand is embarrassing.

I am a fiend searching for my next fix in anyone,

Making them my dealer.

I sell pieces of myself in exchange for a few minutes of intimacy,

Real or fake.

My icy fingertips long to feel the burning heat of another’s flesh.

I yearn for the entanglement of limbs, the caressing of noses, the brushing of lips.

My body aches for the security I find in being held.

I crave skin to skin contact like a newborn clinging to a mother’s chest trying to feel safe again.

I’m afraid that no embrace will ever be enough to feed the hunger I possess.

I fear the come down from the high, the loneliness, the self hatred, and withdrawals;

All which occur when I am left alone.

However I am an addict,

But I am in recovery.

I will learn to be content with my own touch and not recoil.

I will learn to love myself enough to embrace myself and receive the same amount of dopamine.

I will caress myself and feel comforted.

I will close my eyes, hold myself, and drift to sleep just as swiftly.

However I am an addict,

And I am craving the touch of another as I write this.


About the author

McKenzie Keathley

Just an aspiring writer looking to connect with people through my creativity. 💚

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  • Joe Patterson5 days ago

    This really hits home for a lot of people. This also one of my new favorite poems I’ve ever read. Keep writing, your literature will touch many…

  • Lace Cole5 days ago

    love this so much. very relatable.

  • Wow ❤️

  • Waldo6 days ago

    This took a lot of courage. I felt the depth of your addiction in my gut. Good job.

  • Skyln Grace6 days ago

    it's beautiful and it's amazing that you had the courage to put this out there for the world.

  • Jymyaka Braden6 days ago

    Definitely felt this. I was just explaining sex and love addiction to my lover. This could definitely be an SLA Recovery ❤️‍🩹 Manifesto. I like it a lot.

  • I feel like you've read my diary and I love it.

  • Jacobie Jones6 days ago

    Very relatable and well written. Great job

  • Shirley Belk6 days ago

    well done!

  • Natalie Johnson6 days ago

    I felt this in my chest. I love it

  • Chris Ames6 days ago

    Very touching read

  • Excellent poem. Super relatable. :)

  • Jacie Hampton7 days ago

    Love this, very relatable!

  • Call Me Les7 days ago

    Beautifully told. I'm missing someone very much myself. This struck a nerve in a good way. Well done!

  • who hasn't felt like this,at any point in their life. great writing!

  • McKagan Nikki7 days ago

    This made me cry. I feel the same. Thank you for a beautiful rendition of my feelings.

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