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by POETSKY about a year ago in love poems
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Sonnet of a mortal

Blunt object of desire a lightning

Striking blows brutal to brain

The way it stokes fire so frightening

Blazing and raging insane

Hummingbirds all Bees and the butterflies

On sweetest nectar they crave

Loving words grow need to feel recognised

The deepest feelings fall slave

Rarest middlemist red camellia

Flower of highest beauty

Dearest in radius and area

Homage no less be duty

Honour pleasure and privilege is mine

To witness form so divine

(Hebe is the Goddess of Eternal Youth as well as the Keeper of the Fountain of Youth)

(Flowers captivate us with their beauty. Many of us think they are easy to get but we are unaware that they’re rare too. One of the rarest flower in the world is middlemist red flower which is also known as red camellia)

love poems

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