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Three strikes

by POETSKY about a year ago in social commentary
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A crime themed triple poem.

"Knife crime"...

Return from labor,

Evening, to call my own,

Let the vibes commence,,

Another idea,

X-ray like, inspiration,

Artistry, intense,,

New beats, new bass lines,

Delve in, sprout from, fertile mind,

Desire, grooves on,,

Obstruction to plan,

But not something perturbing,

Return soon, to song,,

Everything was nice,

At first glance, wrong perception,

The wind turned, quickly,,

Howled, with a menace,

Encroached, with a malignance,

Tone, became sickly,,

Heat, love and sunshine,

Effortless stroll, to the store,

Pierced, by violent crime,,

Rude boys, and gangsters,

Officers of the law, stand,

Both, on the front line,,

Lament, not yet rife,

Expressions of discontent,

Made those being searched,,

Watch for a second,

It does not, belong, to me,

Let each, do his work,,

Less, than a second,

Caught everyone's attention,

Echoed then, a cry,,

A person's been stabbed,

Stop this circus of events, right now,

Emotion sky high,,

Terrified of death,

Officers, and all people,

Burst toward the scene,,

Emergency aid,

Of neighbours and citizens,

Very, lucky, teen,,

Emphasis was on,

Relax, and breathe, don't talk, just breathe,

We must, keep breathing,,

Held him, supported,

Emergency crew, arrive,

Lung collapsed, they said,,

Must, relieve pressure,

In the meanwhile, one must stay,

Need you, keep talking,,

Get him calm again,

You must help us, please my friend,

Obliged, without word,,

Up, he rose, in time.

The new guy...

Time, was before dawn,

Hell, had already broke loose,

Entered the depot,,

Keys for van, are there,

I've a crisis, with my wife,

Leave, I must, right now,,

Let the boss know, please,

Eccentric, or just plain weird,

Rubbed and scrubbed, his van,,

Wished me, a farewell,

Had a normal time after,

Only, for a while,,

Questions, murder squad,

Unraveling, those moments,

In pursuit, of who,,

Took another's life.

A pound of gas...

A tale of anger, violence and danger

Today, a normal a day, as any

Another bright sunny beautiful day

Laughs were as cheap as two for a penny

Everyone around had good things to say

Out of the blue came a cruel twist of fate

For who was to blame for duel which took place

A trip to the store, is all should have been

Negativity, had to rear it's head

Grabbed, attacked, shouted at, out numbered clean

Even was a chance, a man would be dead

Ruckus spilt, onto street, causing a scene

Angry and rattled, he's charging full speed

No mistake, thirsty, he wants me to bleed

Do or die, the mindset, that I would need

He put his might, into swinging his bat

Over to my head it swung through the air

With a block to counteract, pushed him back

Brothers of assailant, holding both arms

Easily thwarted, they feared for his health

Shook them all off, in the blink of an eye

Time yet enough, for a blow to find stealth

Thwack! His table leg made a connection

Overwhelming surge of adrenaline

Disarmament, is the only option

Extreme focus now, that bat must be mine

At this time, he's lining up his third strike

Lashed out, hit a block, lost his weapon and time

With his brothers to assist him, he fled

Into his store, with his weapon and shame

To hell and back, I could have sought vengeance

Hard was the whole thing, to simply complain

I told the police but, they were no help

Told my father, exactly how I felt

Wisdom is king son, do not lose your head

Intrust your case, to the police instead

Son you must listen, to these words I've said

Dad was so right, the law was far better

Only it needed, a jump start and push

My mind could rest, not, only, on justice

I was bold, determined, angered through and through

Snapped a shot of him, and his brothers too

Crown court ensued, as a part of the course

Retrieved, from the same place It was drawn from

One heavy baseball bat like, table leg

Witness intimidation, futile still

Needed he, a rock to hide underneath

Edging closer, to prison, through fair trial

Desperate, was his defence barrister

Kind, were the judge and the jurors to me

I received justice, and commendation

Not only that, also compensation

Got I after all, a decent night's sleep.

social commentary

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