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by POETSKY about a year ago in heartbreak
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by poetsky

screaming soul

deafening mind

fatiguing body

stealing time


cries bellow silent

swim or drown

louder wailing

lonelier sound


thump clenched fist

stomp booted feet

but time has come

to grit one's teeth


shell shocked soul

expect no saviour

save yourself

own your behaviour


fear is no home

anger no use here

demons will feed upon

and thus await tears


perishable memories

rot without trace

with passing years

nobody cares


feeble embarrassment

be silent

stop thrashing

stop the complaining


in blind quest

become violent

miss all the lessons

and forfeit your training


learn to stand

prepare to walk

move both feet

and cut loose talk


relax and breath

save some strength

you're not the first

to hit this fork


mere droplet

in this water cycle

enjoy this day

on the ground


be still, be quiet

be life's disciple

all things come

yet quicker, go around


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