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by Chloe Rose Violet 23 days ago in surreal poetry · updated 3 days ago

my heart resides in the lives of my children

Photo by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash

Small dandelion tuffs,

and lady-bug hugs.

Bedtime stories that never seem to end.

Moments that I will allow myself to cherish forever.

Chasing those darn monsters away,

and saving the day.

But can I just have one more story?

Can I just stay up just a little longer Mommy?

I just need another drink from my sippy cup.

And just another snack, please.

Will, you read that bedtime story to me one more time, please?

I just miss you, Mommy.

I just want one more cuddle.

Before you disappear again.

I just needed one m0re snack before bed.

Crazy as it sounds,

I needed to listen to those two little heartbeats,

more than anyone will ever know.

My home is my two children.

Nobody will ever be able to take that away from me.

Nobody can steal from my soul any longer.

My home rests within my kid's heartbeats.

And that is all anyone will ever need to know about me.

Chloe Rose Violet

surreal poetry

Chloe Rose Violet

Play the hell out of the cards that you have been dealt.

Trying to write from my heart about love, my life, and everything else in between.

"the heart and the head"

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Chloe Rose Violet
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