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I have a confession

By PoeticallyPurple24Published about a month ago 1 min read
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Your eyes glistening in sun ,

Driving your Chevrolet .

Nothing would make this moment better than today .

Your hand on my thigh .

I feel so high .

Your lips so soft and pink .

Your chubby ,high,rosey cheeks that make your eyes shrink.

I love your soft honey curls and your beard of red.

The sweetest soul that’s never been read .

Your laughter can make any sorrow subside.

That smile and you’re caring heart .

It’s own unique beauty ,a fascinating art .

I love when you joke around or talk so bluntly.

Gingersnap you’re just so fucking yummy.

You’re extraordinarily and immensely pleasant to be around .

But when there’s bad days I try not to make a sound .

I don’t like to see you angry I only want to be your peace.

You mean so much to me and I hope you know that at least .

You’re talented and stronger than any man I’ve known.

You’re struggles will not be forever ,soon they’ll be gone .

I know I don’t belong to you just yet.

But I am always here for you,never forget🥰

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About the Creator


I’m told I have a natural gift so let’s see how meaningful it really is !🥰

I used writing as a coping mechanism to get me through hardships in life .My goal is to become a poet that will change the world .I hope you can see my gift shine .

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    PoeticallyPurple24Written by PoeticallyPurple24

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