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Let’s get to love making

A ride through the country

By PoeticallyPurple24Published about a month ago 1 min read
Let’s get to love  making
Photo by Justine Camacho on Unsplash

I see the headlights of your ford truck,

You climb out and I instantly get starstruck ,

You started walking to me ,

And I give you a hug and start grinning.

Go ahead kick your dirty boots off by my door ,

Let’s get to doing what we’ve both been yearning for .

Your hands get to lingering all over me ,

Our eyes close and we start tongue kissing .

I’ve been thinking about you all damn day,

In the Tennessee sun working away,

getting tan looking like golden honey 🍯

I’m wanting something sweet,

So baby let’s get underneath these cotton sheets.

Don’t keep me waiting ,

So let’s get to lovemaking .😊

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About the Creator


I’m told I have a natural gift so let’s see how meaningful it really is !🥰

I used writing as a coping mechanism to get me through hardships in life .My goal is to become a poet that will change the world .I hope you can see my gift shine .

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    PoeticallyPurple24Written by PoeticallyPurple24

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