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i’ll see you on the other side.

By Ena Published 30 days ago 1 min read

friend, i want you to know

a mere conviction i hold

for when i’m heard and told

“you’re not the one i’ve known”

when every chance given was blown

friend, i want you to see

every instance i try to speak

i’m faced with the limits of mortality

as any spoken word i seek

would simply crumble my sanity

friend, i want you to learn

the confine i’m in disguised as concern

as it’s mask dissipates, i can only yearn

and now every song i’ve ever heard

is playing at the same time, it’s absurd

friend, would you look around?

i’m too busy getting off the ground

just to get knocked back down

i can feel my lead escaping my bounds

so i’ll stay here and buckle down

friend, are you as drained as me?

wish i had the energy to leave

change my name, fly overseas

though i know even then, all i’ll be

is the remains of what i’ve been

friend, please get back up

let me stay here and rot

i’ll watch the fish with their belly up

this was all the doing of my mind

a perfectly orchestrated buildup

i’ll stare into outer space

as i watch you leave, my friend

the credits start to roll, i’m afraid

this is only the beginning of the end

i’ll ask the stars to bend, to lend

a comforting hand to apprehend

what’s left within the embers of my head

and i’ll call out to you, my friend!

when i begin to comprehend my core intent

maybe then, i’ll mend the ever-abiding dents

until then, my friend

i’ll see you on the other side.


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Deciphering the classics by day, brewing up new stories by night. Shakespearean sonnets to sci-fi sagas, I love it all! English Lit student exploring different worlds through literature on Vocal Media.

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