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you're mature for your age


By Ena Published 27 days ago 1 min read


"You're mature for your age.

You grew up too fast."

I was running a race,

You made me come last.


"You have fallen behind,

On all of your dreams."

I've forgotten to smile.

I just want to scream.


"You're wasting my time.

Just make your decision."

Fatigue and fear,

With a side of depression.


"Pillows and blankets,

A house and the sun."

Try to make myself happy,

But all I know is to run.


I'm mature for my age.

I grew up too fast.

And I hope that now,

This breath is my last.


Stream of Consciousness

About the Creator


Deciphering the classics by day, brewing up new stories by night. Shakespearean sonnets to sci-fi sagas, I love it all! English Lit student exploring different worlds through literature on Vocal Media.

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    Ena Written by Ena

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