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a poem about independence

By Canaan TricePublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Eunice Stahl on Unsplash

standing room only

the seats have been filled

alone again

but it was my choice

I wonder

what does it even mean?

I want it

the butterflies in my tummy beg for an escape

the laughter bubbles to the surface

the joy radiates through my entire being

I won’t need a seat

dancing through the aisle of disappointment

I gain strength in the trenches

my heart longs for companionship but my soul can taste the freedom

so close

I choose the latter

freedom is attainable, and I refuse to let this moment slip through my fingers

the wind joins my skin

the soul gets a taste again

I whisper back “take me with you”

lying in a field of wildflowers


this is home


About the Creator

Canaan Trice

Hi, my name is Canaan. I am just a girl who loves to write about the life happening around me and within me. I hope you enjoy.

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