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Free with Intent

The Dark Turns Will Guide Us Together

By Sharita CormierPublished 5 years ago 1 min read
Thank you, Gilles Gaudet, for the inspiring photo. See you soon my friends.  

It wasn't long our bond grew

Trails were tough and rough

There you where

Spirited free with intent

Willing to hold the weight of my shoulders

Fellowships with another being

Growing spirits we are together

My heart never mourns

The dark turns will guide us together

Enduring lifes thickets and underbrush

Grateful for what we offer

Hearts differ because of your heart races

Your reality is larger than what is my life

You must have a purpose for me

Gentle yet replying all calls and demands

Playfully interacting

While remaining charming and quaint

A world almost has forgotten

You are my peace and healing

I am forever grateful resting with you©


About the Creator

Sharita Cormier

Guys, I am a performer, singer, and writer. Earth has been extraordinary for me. Hiking through this place is intoxicating. Music, words, and fire feul my existance. I have two associates degrees. Completing the third is a task in it's own.

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