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Leave Me Yearning and Mourning

Only for this moment, you are mine.

By Sharita CormierPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

I am reaching for you

Only for this moment you are mine

This loneliness detains me

I am calling to your heart

Recurrent voices and hymn of your voice

It's like a melody I can't shake

I want to live in the grief of this entanglement

Bound by my desires

Never touched always wanting more

Like shards of glass through my chest

Leave me yearning and mourning

Clutching to the mere idea of who you are

Enclosing my heart brick by brick

Don't leave me here it's cold

I haven't the slightest idea who I am

Lost in a world so misleading

Darkness is engulfing all that's left

Please don't go so soon©

~Sharita Cormier


About the Creator

Sharita Cormier

Guys, I am a performer, singer, and writer. Earth has been extraordinary for me. Hiking through this place is intoxicating. Music, words, and fire feul my existance. I have two associates degrees. Completing the third is a task in it's own.

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