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Walking into Change

By Keith McHughPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
Change in you, Is Change outside of you, one foot in front of the other leads to;


Strolling through,

Rolling hills,

Cliffs Keep Arising.

Diving in,

Climbing In the end,

To be better than my will.

A higher mentality,

Hiding in side of me.

So I can see the Truth,

Surrounding Duality.

Abiding within society,

Driving the Crazy,

Becoming Lazy,

The path Growing hazy.

Complacency has blatantly,

Robbed us of Energy.

The will to be,

As we Endlessly,

Repeat our history.

Can you See?

The Patterns,



Keeping us Happy,


And Distracted.

Our youth being trained,

Framed forms,

Flowing to a Norm,

Attracted like a swarm,

To all the Usual STUFF.

Things cluttering The Place,

Crowding Personal space.

Erasing the Connection,

To Your Grace and Affection.

The Role you play,

When they have your attention.

Chasing away all who seek change,

So things remain the same,

To repeat this Game.

Let's Redirect our intellect,

And walk into change.


About the Creator

Keith McHugh

Good day to the wonderful soul reading this. I'm so glad to be able to share my art with so many awesome people, with such great imaginations. I hope you enjoy my little contribution. See you in the station.

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    Keith McHughWritten by Keith McHugh

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