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Forbidden Love — He Is My Soulmate But…

Would we have a second chance?

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read
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The tender loving care, the sizzling love session

He can be my everything, yet he can’t be one thing that I want the most

We missed that golden and the only chance to be husband and wife

Yet fate made us meet again and we continue our soul journey

He is my buddy, confidant, mentor, then he became my lover

He is there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on

He is there for me when I need to share my joy

He turns to be a mentor when I need advice

We make up for our lost time in body and soul

He is my soulmate, oh yes he is!

We complement each other perfectly!

Everything just feels right when I’m with him

I feel secure and loved. I can be myself, and no need to pretend

It makes me feel I am truly living my ideal self

As he accepts both my perfects and imperfections

* * * * *

Yet he is my biggest secret

This love has to be concealed and cannot be made public

Despite my eagerness to announce to the whole world

I have finally found my soulmate to share my life with!

Circumstances made us a couple in secret and a couple in crime

We both can’t appear in public together with friends or family

For our love can’t be hidden in the public eyes

Our eyes and bodies will sell us out

* * * * *

A soulmate is a better mate than a twin flame

For it’s more supportive and less painful

I can relax and feel safe in this love

He’s an MBA — Married But Available

His wife lives apart for more than a decade now

Yet she is still his wife, albeit it’s an incompatible union

Being the responsible man he is, he will never head for divorce

Nor will I want him to, as it will hurt his wife

Being a woman myself I know this too well

* * * * *

Hence, this love will stay as a secret;

Till the day either, his wife is gone, or I become another man’s Mrs.

He has helped me through the difficult times with all my exes

All those soulless and tasteless relationships for the sake of marriage

I live in the present and savor the current moment

For when the ending comes, I’ll have no regrets

God, please forgive me for this sin

As I am doing my best to be in a normal relationship numerous times

I am still trying but I failed as You know it

Or this is just another bad karma I need to pay

To be the loner in the eyes of society?

* * *

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