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homebound comfort

By Negomi Oak RhettsPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

Mine have guided me,

back and forth,

here and there,

not quite everywhere.

To a hundred new places,

to discover favourite spaces,

losing count of paces.

They’ve drifted down paths not made for me,

and then back again to safety,

all the while never leaving,

only leading,

and me, simply pleading:

'Never stop this wandering I’m needing!'

Along pavement, gravel, stone and earth,

through forest, woodland, bush and dirt,

over mountains, into lakes, and running boldly to the seas,

under open skies and gently waving trees,

I’ve walked and walked and walked and walked.

Going anywhere,

to get somewhere,

finding nowhere,

I the humble voyager,

must trust in them to carry me,

with purpose, joy, and curiosity,

no two journeys are the same for me.

They'll take my mind and body,

to the one place that means everything,

to the one place they’ll be free.

So I’ll continue to roam,

into the unknown,

but take comfort in knowing,

the path they're on is taking me home.


About the Creator

Negomi Oak Rhetts

Herbalist & holistic health coach

Ex biodynamic farmer

Amateur poet and short story enthusiast

Self-published author of two free-verse poetry books: Weaving Roots and Wild Sanctuary

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