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Wave Makers - Wave Changers

a poem for the seas

By Negomi Oak RhettsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

I collect rain,

feed it back to the soil.

I collect rubbish,

recycle it anew.

I collect knowledge,

to understand our home.

I choose no chemicals,

to not burn the earth.

I choose no plastic,

to not cover the oceans.

I choose no emissions,

to not choke the air.

I make soap,

to naturally clean.

I make food,

to reduce packaging.

I make choices,

to help Pacha Mama.

I plant trees,

to bring back the rain.

I plant flowers,

to bring back the bees.

I plant plants,

to bring back balance.

I reuse rubbish,

giving it new life.

I recycle rubbish,

giving it new life.

I reclaim rubbish,

giving it new life.

I learn about eco-policy,

so I can help make change.

I learn about enviro-justice,

so I can stand for nature.

I learn about permaculture,

so I can shift our culture.

I join clean-up groups,

to clean up beaches.

I join climate charities,

to support and advocate.

I join those on the front line,

to stop the climate crisis.

I reduce what I use,

less is more.

I reduce what I want,

less is more.

I reduce what I need,

less really is more.

I repair what I can,

up-cycling is no chore.

I reuse as I use,

creativity is key.

I replace as a last resort,

to the old thrift stores down the road.

I go cycling,

instead of driving.

I go walking,

instead of taxis.

I carpool,

instead of one for one.

I value sustainability,

not only as a lifestyle.

I value eco-products,

not only because they’re cool.

I value the conscious consumer,

not only because they trend.

I talk about carbon emissions,

because it is a problem.

I talk about ocean-bound plastic,

because it is a problem.

I talk about human abuse of resources,

because it is a problem.

I write for nature,

it’s as powerful as speech.

I write for change,

written word is lawfully valued.

I write for the oceans,

they deserve our mention.

I use my voice,

to pass knowledge forward.

I use my voice,

to empower others.

I use my voice,

to raise up Mother Nature.

I act for the earth,

where we make our homes.

I act for nature,

where life is sustained.

I act for the oceans,

where all life begins.

I am no saint,

there’s more that I can do.

I am not perfect,

there’s much more I can do.

I am not alone,

there’s more that we can all do.

I respect water,

we each should do that much.

I respect the rain,

it’s cool and gentle touch.

I respect the sea,

It’s mighty strength endless.

For the fish, the birds, and the whales,

their home is not our trash can.

For the seaweed, the kelp, and the coral,

their home is not our dumping ground.

For all life under the waves,

their home is not ours to ruin.

I hope our efforts are not lost,

the oceans not lost in turn.

I hope our efforts take effect,

the oceans don’t bare the cost.

I hope our efforts mean something,

the oceans clean again.

I will be aware,

of how my actions effect.

I will be aware,

of what my choices make.

I will be aware,

of why this is important.

I will keep trying,

to reverse the damage done.

I will keep learning,

to keep the tides turning.

I will keep working,

to help the oceans breathe again.

I change my habits,

to change the problem.

I change what was done,

to change the future.

I change how I live,

to be the change.

I do these things,

because I love the seas.

I do these things,

because it feels right.

I do these things,

because I must.

The oceans are strong alone,

but they need us now.

The oceans change over time,

but they changed because of us.

The oceans need us,

just as much as we need them.

Word count - 673

nature poetry

About the Creator

Negomi Oak Rhetts

Herbalist & holistic health coach

Ex biodynamic farmer

Amateur poet and short story enthusiast

Self-published author of two free-verse poetry books: Weaving Roots and Wild Sanctuary

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