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Flatterer's live

Who listens to him?

By EliasPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a lush forest adorned with towering trees and a chorus of chirping birds, a clever fox named Master Reynard encountered a peculiar sight. Perched high upon a gnarled oak tree, there stood Master Crow, clutching a delectable piece of cheese within his ebony beak. The aroma of the cheese, wafting through the air, was irresistible, even to the sly fox.

Master Reynard, his senses enchanted by the scent of the cheese, couldn't resist the temptation to engage in some cunning conversation. With a sly grin on his russet-furred face, he approached Master Crow and began to speak in honeyed tones.

"Good day, Monsieur Crow," said Reynard with feigned admiration. "You are truly a sight to behold up there on your lofty perch. Your feathers glisten with such elegance, and your presence is nothing short of majestic. If your melodious voice is as splendid as your plumage, then you must undoubtedly be the Phoenix of these woods."

These words, filled with flattery and adulation, caused Master Crow's ebony heart to swell with pride. The compliment struck a chord deep within him, and he was overwhelmed with a sense of self-importance. He had always thought of himself as rather ordinary, but the fox's eloquent words painted him as an extraordinary being.

Unable to contain his joy, Master Crow felt compelled to showcase his vocal prowess. With great enthusiasm, he parted his ebony beak wide open and let out a series of exuberant caws, echoing through the forest like a symphony. His captivating performance was a testament to his belief that he truly was exceptional.

As Master Crow reveled in his own brilliance, his guard waned, and his grip on the cheese loosened. It slipped from his beak, plummeting earthward like a shooting star. In a flash, Master Reynard, who had been patiently biding his time, snatched the delicious prize from mid-air.

With the cheese now securely in his possession, Master Reynard couldn't help but reveal his true intentions. He turned to the stunned Master Crow and spoke with a cunning smile, "My dear Monsieur Crow, allow me to share a timeless piece of wisdom with you. Beware of those who shower you with praise, for they often seek to profit at your expense. This lesson, my feathered friend, is worth more than a mere morsel of cheese."

Master Crow, struck by the sudden turn of events, felt a pang of embarrassment and regret. He had fallen victim to flattery and had paid a hefty price for his vanity. Though he attempted to voice his displeasure, it was too late, and he could do nothing but watch as the sly fox vanished into the depths of the forest.

The lesson learned that day by Master Crow was a valuable one, a reminder that vanity and pride could cloud one's judgment and lead to folly. He solemnly swore to himself, albeit a bit too late, that he would never allow himself to be duped in such a manner again.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting an amber hue upon the forest, Master Crow remained perched on his branch, humbled and wiser. The tale of his encounter with the cunning fox, Master Reynard, would echo through the woods, serving as a cautionary tale for generations of forest creatures to come.

In this expanded version of the fable, the narrative explores the characters' personalities and motivations in greater depth, while retaining the timeless moral lesson about the perils of vanity and flattery.

Trust and control are not adversaries but allies. They can coexist in a harmonious relationship when applied thoughtfully and in the right measure. Trust fosters connection and collaboration, while control ensures safety and reliability. Striking the delicate balance between these two forces is an art that, when mastered, can lead to flourishing relationships and successful endeavors. Trust, therefore, does not exclude control but rather thrives in its presence, creating a strong foundation for all aspects of life


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