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By Willem IndigoPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Lucut Razvan on Unsplash

Signified the nastier smells.

Ollie off the sidewalk, pray the traffic

Leans more Satanly.

Axe throws offsets the dice.

Rolled through two lights, eyes shut--


Evening wear looks like LSD's lazy,

Cousin. Don't remember what I signed up for.

Loopy guts, Peach rolling paper,

Innocent inconsistencies are holding,

Please excuse the misguided judgment.

Sudden death, a 'talk to you later.'

Elated under-stater, Behold the purpose of the danger.

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About the Creator

Willem Indigo

I spend substantial efforts diving into the unexplainable, the strange, and the bewilderingly blasphamous from a wry me, but it's a cold chaotic universe behind these eyes and at times, far beyond. I am Willem Indigo: where you wanna go?

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  • ROCK 2 months ago

    A budding Kerouac perhaps? You are extremely raw and unfiltered; that's the glory of it all.

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