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To my firefly, the one and only- my Jordan des Olives.

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 2 min read
Photo by Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash

Light my way and I shall follow. Lead me from darkness and into your light. I am forever bound to you- The Firefly.

Waiting in anticipation and waiting for your radiance. A light that does not waste. A mere flicker of hope that I wait to wish upon- I wish to see you- The Firefly.

My time with you is never long enough and I wait for you in seasons. I long for the warm summer nights with you. With grace, I will always look to you, The Firefly.

Such a natural beauty- outstretched before me, you are all that I see. Like a thousand falling stars rising and returning to their place in the sky- I am enchanted by you- The Firefly.

For you firefly, are my constant reminder- to accept more of what is and more of what is not. Against all odds, the sun quietly descends and the moon kisses it goodbye. The stars continue to silently shine- as do you- The Firefly.

In these silent moments, I open my eyes to gaze upon you- The Firefly.

Shining aimlessly, without a predictable path, wild and free are you- The Firefly.

Everyone can feel your light, everyone can feel your love. Everyone can feel you- The Firefly.

My mind is quiet and content, mesmerized by the glow of which you cast- A twinkling dancer in the midnight sky- I am encapsulated by you- The Firefly.

You present yourself to me when I am surrounded by darkness, as if I am an unwelcomed stranger in this place, you call Earth. It is then that I realize I am not alone, for there is you- The Firefly.

You stand beside me, and I stand beside you- The Firefly.

Together we stand, breathless and silent to capture only the essence of you- The Firefly.

Together we paint the perfect memory in our minds. A memory so vivid and so beautiful we keep it close by. In order to return to it so that we may always return to you- The Firefly.

With your return, we see you, and the world sits still.

Dedicated to J.B. My Firefly.

Message of love given to me from, my one and only Firefly-

"Please know I love you so much and I think you put out the most powerful and positive energy into this world. You are such a beautiful person and I never want anyone to dim your sparkle. Shine on my beautiful Being..."

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Jamie LeFebvre

A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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    Jamie LeFebvre Written by Jamie LeFebvre

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