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Finger Lickin' Fried Chicken

Foreign Foods for Munchy Moods

By Insinq DatumPublished 9 months ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read
Finger Lickin' Fried Chicken
Photo by Lucas Andrade on Unsplash

All plump and round, a meaty thigh

Of wings I sing out to the sky

These juicy aromatic breasts

Divine delight with which we're blessed


Fried chicken calls out to my soul

A bite of this might make you whole

These morsels score a tastebud goal

For this was heaven's fire stole


The crispy skin, crunchy and pure

Of salt and spice tongues take a tour

Beneath it hides the sweetest meat

Let's take a walk down flavour street


The succulence that first we meet

Is to our bellies quite the treat

This is the perfect way to greet

All foreign life, gather and eat


The fried outline and oily crumbs

I know it's bad for me and yet

I know it's why god gave us thumbs

So we could fry and cease to fret


For when chicken touches my lips

My hunger calms, my taste is whet

In sauces of all kinds we dip

Our tendies, wings and thighs thickset


Whether it is a cheeky feed

At Nando's or a Rooster run

Or KFC with secret creed

Of herb and spice and endless fun


Partake with me, alien thee

In favoured food of human kind

To bliss this kiss is surely key

This food will surely blow your mind

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About the Creator

Insinq Datum

I'm an aspiring poet, author and philosopher. I run a 5000+ debating community on Discord and a couple of Youtube channels, one related to the Discord server and one related to my work as a philosopher. I am also the author of DMTheory.

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Comments (1)

  • K9Pawradise9 months ago

    Was hoping this was a recipe article. I’m hungry

Insinq DatumWritten by Insinq Datum

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