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Fetishes Unseen

a poem inspired by interesting contemporary romance stories in pop culture

By Solomon WalkerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
fetishes unseen by Solomon

In the depths of shadows, where moonlight dares not tread,

Lies a realm of secrets, where desires are fed.

Fetishes unseen, in the hearts of the night,

Whispered in hushed tones, hidden from sight.

A tapestry of lust, woven with threads of dark desire,

Unveiling the cravings that set souls on fire.

Whimsical and freaky, these private pursuits,

Ignite the senses, like forbidden fruits.

In chambers adorned with velvet and lace,

Where masks conceal identities, leaving no trace,

Cynical laughter echoes, as inhibitions fade,

Unveiling the passions that society forbade.

A mistress of leather, her whip in hand,

Commands obedience, as her subjects withstand.

The sting of desire, the pleasure in pain,

A dance of dominance, where boundaries wane.

A voyeur, hidden behind a one-way glass,

Peering into bedrooms, where secrets amass.

Watching lovers entwined, in their private play,

Indulging in fantasies, night and day.

A collector of oddities, with shelves lined with sin,

Preserving the artefacts of desires within.

From silk stockings to corsets, each item tells a tale,

Of hidden passions, where inhibitions fail.

In this realm of darkness, where fantasies bloom,

The freakish and lustful find solace in gloom.

Whispers of pleasure, like a haunting refrain,

Embrace the darkness, release the mundane.

For fetishes unseen, in the depths of the night,

Are the secrets that bring us a twisted delight.

Whimsical and cynical, they dance in the dark,

Unveiling desires that leave their mark.

Stream of Consciousnesssurreal poetrysocial commentarysad poetrylove poemsheartbreak

About the Creator

Solomon Walker

Artist, Photographer, Poet, Entrepreneur. Director, Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA). Solomon is also creator and curator of MoDFA art group on LinkedIn.

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    Solomon WalkerWritten by Solomon Walker

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