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Fed Up and Foolish

Slam/Performance Poetry. A poem meant to be read aloud. Loud and proud.

By E.AmaliaPublished 9 months ago 2 min read
Fed Up and Foolish
Photo by Giorgio Grani on Unsplash

This is technically a performance poem and is meant to be read with some kind of rhythm in mind.


We're going to try something new.

Here's a little BGM for your reading today. Go ahead...play.

Fed up and foolish.

I can't get my time back, but boy, do I wish.

I wish that when I walked backwards, it meant we rewound to where the knot got knotted.

Back in time to see you before you fell.

Back in time before we all knew the true new you.

Fed up and foolish.

Do you wish? That when the beat of the drum...

Drum. Drum. Drum.

Beat. Beat. Beat.

We could maybe take one, two, three steps away.

Step back.

Breathe with me.




Fed up and foolish.

Just stop with this spitting out nonsense.

What do I get?

At the end of the day. What do I get?

Fed up and foolish.

You can not, on one hand, count this.

This, this, this shaking, stuttering, mumbling.

Sh-sh-sh-aking. St-st-stuttering. mmmmmubmling.

We're in this too far. Too far to go back.

When did I wish upon a star?

Heavens, Jimney, who do you think you are?

Rewind is not the option here.

Dance with me. One, two, three.

One, two, three.




Fed up and foolish.

All calmed down now.

Palm to the chest. The drum.

duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh.

Alive and...well...fed up and foolish.

At the top of the hill, we will look back and sigh.


We got through this.

By Alfred Aloushy on Unsplash

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Author's Note

I first learned about slam/performance poetry in Disney's The Goofy Movie. I know, right?! I didn't actually know it was a real thing until my high school had a slam poetry club. I fell in love with it. I watched videos, gleaned all the wisdom from my mentor that I could and practised to the best of my ability.

I performed with shakey, wet hands until my confidence grew. Then, I had the chance to lead and teach my own group of young people. Giddy. I was filled to the brim with life over their zeal and talent with words. We laughed, oohed and awed.

It's a bit strange to only simply give you a written piece that is meant to have emphasis, loud parts, quiet parts and stresses where performance deems necessary. Alas, here is a poem meant for performance.

Let's Chat

I'm curious, dear readers. Have you ever performed a poem or a short story? Where was it? How did you feel? Let's chat in the comments below!

By Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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Hola! I'm E.Amalia. I've got a penchant for the macabre, weird, and spine chilling genres. Also I write poetry, also I'm a dragon for books.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • C. Rommial Butler9 months ago


  • I loveeeeeeeeee your poem! Also, hang on a sec! There was slam poetry in The Goofy Movie? Which part? I've watched it multiple times but I never realised it!

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