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A short poem

By MaverikPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

A tapestry with threads diversely spun,

From elders' wisdom, to a life begun.

Grandparents' hands, weathered and kind,

Whispering stories of the years they've defined.

Parents' love, a steady guiding light,

Through childhood's dreams and darkest night.

Siblings' bond, a constant through the years,

Sharing laughter, triumphs, and hidden fears.

A symphony of voices, each unique,

Blending together, their differences we seek

To understand, and cherish in their sound,

A harmony within the family ground.

From bickering laughter to a silent glance,

A language spoken, given just a chance.

Forgiveness blooms where hurt may reside,

Love's embers glowing, strong and deep inside.

Though paths may diverge, and miles may grow,

The family tree's roots forever know,

The strength and love that binds us all as one,

A haven we can always call our home.


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