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Expressions of Us

by Brendon Brumfield 4 years ago in love poems

"Thinking of what it would be like to hold you in the rain..."

Thinking of what it would be like to hold you in the rain.

To put my face to yours

As the rain drips off our cloths, time sits still, with the impression of our smiles to stain it.

Your warmth to keep me warm and mine to you.

Making a spectacle of what love should be.

Not like in the movies but what's in our hearts.

With every beat echoes it, echoes the story of me and you.

A story as old as time has never seen a version quit like us.

Just the feeling of your arms around me is enough for a life time.

Something so special that stars can't out number it's worth.

With tears down my face not from sadness but for finally having my everything. That's the power of a smile.

love poems
Brendon Brumfield
Brendon Brumfield
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Brendon Brumfield
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