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Exploring thoughts and feelings

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By saravanakumarPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Exploring thoughts and feelings
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Psychoanalysis, a journey deep within,

Exploring thoughts and feelings, hidden and grim.

A process that uncovers what's beneath the skin,

Revealing secrets that have been buried within.

The mind is a labyrinth, with secrets untold,

Memories and feelings are left frozen and cold.

But with the help of psychoanalysis bold,

The pieces come together, and a story is told.

A journey to the past, to childhood and pain,

To experiences that shaped us, again and again.

From the root of our struggles, and the source of our gain,

And the hidden desires that continue to remain.

The process can be difficult, and the journey long,

But it leads to growth and a newfound song.

The unconscious emerges, and the truth is strong,

Bringing healing and peace, where pain once belonged.

Psychoanalysis, a path to self-discovery,

To understanding and acceptance, and a life of recovery.

A journey to the soul, to the truth and its glory,

And the freedom that comes, with a, healed and restored story.

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