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phone misuse

phone not dead

By saravanakumarPublished about a year ago 1 min read
phone misuse
Photo by Le Buzz Studio on Unsplash

In our hands, it brings such joy,

A connection to the world, a brand-new toy,

But as we hold it, we must be wise,

And not let it control our every guise.

For the phone can bring destruction,

Distracting us from real connections,

It can lead us down a path astray,

Stealing our time and our focus away.

So let us use it with care,

And not let it rule us, anywhere,

Let us find balance, day by day,

And not let it lead us astray.

And when we put it down at night,

And close our eyes, it'll be alright,

For we have the power to choose,

How do we let this device be used?

So let us use it for good,

And not let it control, as we should,

A phone is just a tool,

And it's up to us, to use it cool.

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