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A Voice for Change

It's time to raise your voice

By saravanakumarPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
A Voice for Change
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When silence fills the air,

And injustice everywhere,

It's time to raise your voice,

And make a powerful choice.

For every word that's spoken,

A seed is surely sown,

And with each step we take,

The change we make, we've grown.

So speak up, don't be shy,

For others, you might be the tie,

That helps them find their way,

And makes the world a brighter place.

there was a young woman named Sarah who lived in a small town. Sarah was smart, and ambitious, and had big dreams of making a difference in the world. She had just landed her first job as a journalist at the local newspaper and was eager to start her career.

One day, as Sarah was walking home from work, she was approached by a man who started making vulgar comments and gestures toward her. Sarah was frightened and tried to walk away as quickly as possible, but the man followed her and continued to harass her. When she finally made it home, she was shaken and upset.

The next day, Sarah went to the police to report the incident, but they told her that it was just "street harassment" and there wasn't much they could do about it. Sarah felt frustrated and helpless, but she wasn't about to give up. She decided to speak out about her experience and share her story with others.

Sarah wrote an article about her experience and the impact of street harassment on women and published it in the newspaper. Her article sparked a conversation in the community and inspired other women to come forward with their own stories of harassment.

Together, Sarah and the other women formed a support group and started organizing events and campaigns to raise awareness about the issue. They also reached out to local politicians and law enforcement, calling for stronger policies and protections for women who experience harassment.

Their efforts paid off, and soon the town had implemented new laws and programs to address and prevent street harassment. Sarah and the other women continued to advocate for women's rights and safety, and their community became a safer and more inclusive place for all.

Sarah's story shows the power of speaking out and taking action to address harassment and promote women's rights. She and the other women in her community service as an inspiration for us all to stand up against harassment and make a positive impact in the world.

It takes a lot of courage,

To speak up and engage us,

In a world that's often cruel,

And where the truth can be a duel.

But every voice that's heard,

Can make a change, a beautiful word,

That brings us hope, a brighter light,

And makes the world a better sight.

So let your voice be heard,

And never be discouraged or deterred,

For the power of speaking out,

Can never be in doubt.

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