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Eternal Fragrance


By Raj’s VocalPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Eternal Fragrance
Photo by Rebecca Matthews on Unsplash

Within the gentle fold of a rose petal,

Lies a secret story waiting to be told,

Each delicate hue a poem in itself,

A tapestry of beauty that never grows old.

In the heart of the rose, a world of wonder,

Where each petal whispers secrets untold,

A fragrance that lingers long after it fades,

A memory to cherish, a love to behold.

Soft as a lover's touch, as fleeting as a dream,

The rose petal dances on the wind's gentle stream,

A wisp of beauty in a world so fleeting,

A reminder of grace, forever repeating.

So let us hold close these petals of love,

And treasure each moment, like a gift from above,

For in the petals of a rose, we find,

A reflection of the beauty in our own souls intertwined.

nature poetry

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Raj’s VocalWritten by Raj’s Vocal

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