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"Eternal Flame"

"Burning Bright in Our Hearts"

By Waseem ChemPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
"Eternal Flame"
Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash

In the twilight of our gentle embrace,

A flame flickers, casting shadows upon your countenance.

The fire of passion, an everlasting refrain,

Radiating brightly in our hearts, a love unbridled.

Your eyes, akin to stars in the velvety night,

Mirror the flame that burns with such intensity.

A dance of souls, an intimate masterpiece,

Our eternal flame, a pulsating heartbeat.

Through whispered words and tender caresses,

Our love deepens a sweet compulsion.

In those tranquil moments, where time stands still,

The eternal flame bends to our command.

Embers of longing, glowing and comforting,

Ignite the senses in an unyielding tempest.

A symphony of love in the peaceful night,

Our eternal flame, a guiding luminescence.

As seasons shift and shadows dance,

Our love endures, no matter the circumstance.

Burning brightly, a fierce conflagration,

Igniting desire, an insatiable craving.

Within the tapestry of our shared dreams,

The eternal flame forever shines.

A love so fierce, yet tender and true,

Burning brightly within both you and me.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This was so intense and emotional! Loved your poem!

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