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Erotic Dreams

And embraced my erotic feast.

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the darkness of the night
I surrender to my deepest desires

The veil of sleep slowly descends
As I delve into my erotic dreamsddream

I find myself in a world of fantasy
Where every touch ignites

My body shudders with anticipation
As I give in to this wild sensation

In this world, I am free to explore
Every pleasure, every sensation

A playground of unbridled passion
Where ecstasy is the only fashion

My dreams take me to a place
Where love is unburdened by shame

A world where desire reigns supreme
And all that matters is the flame

In the morning, I wake up anew
Aroused, yet with a sense of peace

For in my dreams, I found release
And embraced my erotic feast.

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  • J. S. Wadeabout a year ago

    Beautiful 😍

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