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Women Day

"Women Day, a celebration of strength and grace, a reminder of the power of the feminine race.

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Women Day
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Women Day, a time to celebrate,

The strength and power of women, so great,

A day to honor the ones who came before,

And those who continue to blaze new trails and more.

We honor the mothers, the daughters, the sisters,

The grandmothers, the aunties, the misters,

The ones who have fought for equality and rights,

And those who continue to inspire and ignite.

From the suffragettes to the MeToo movement,

Women have come together, in unity and improvement,

To create a world that's fair and just,

Where every woman can thrive and trust.

On Women Day, we stand tall and proud,

For all the struggles and the battles that were allowed,

For the courage and determination that we possess,

And for the dreams and goals that we'll address.

We celebrate our beauty, our strength, and our grace,

The wisdom we possess, and the smile on our face,

For we are the heartbeat of the world,

The ones who can change it, with our light unfurled.

So let us celebrate Women Day,

And all the wonderful things that we portray,

For we are the mothers, the daughters, the sisters,

The ones who bring joy and hope to all misters.

We stand united, in strength and love,

And vow to continue to rise above,

To break down barriers, to shatter glass ceilings,

And to create a world that's full of feelings.

For Women Day is not just a day,

But a reminder of all the things we portray,

The strength, the beauty, the power we hold,

And the love and kindness that we unfold.

So let us celebrate Women Day,

And let our voices be heard, as we sway,

For we are the unstoppable force,

And we'll continue to change the world, of course.

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