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Hearts divided by the tide

By Victor ChavarriaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

Two waves dance upon the sea, worlds apart yet bound to be,

Hearts divided by the tide, yet in love, they still confide,

Time and space conspire, in challenge they rebel,

But fate, in whispered secret, a different story tells,

A destiny entwined, in star-crossed threads they're found,

Beyond the grasp of cosmos, their spirits tightly bound,

For now, they apart, their guiding light is pain,

Yet beneath the endless stars, where dreams and time wane,

A truth known to all, in every heart, and every sight,

Destined paths shall cross, in the realm of eternal night,

For I shall move, through steep and blight,

Across barren roads, under the cloak of night,

To your side I'll come, bring you hope in my embrace,

A journey through the void, finally reaches a happy place,

And then at last, two waves will merge,

Beyond the realm of time, their separation ends,

For nothing can sever a bond, so deeply cast,

Not even death's divide, for those who once were two,

Are now one.

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About the Creator

Victor Chavarria

I'm a writer not cause I write. I'm a writer cause I'm truly myself when I do.

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    Victor ChavarriaWritten by Victor Chavarria

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