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"But how shall love, approach our souls"

By Victor ChavarriaPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
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Fish in the Undine, swim to survive,

Humming the bees, visit the flowers to thrive,

Birds full of grace, a ballet on zephyr's breath,

The sun's radiance, eight worlds in cosmic trance,

Nature symphony, an eternal dance,

The same way it goes, for man and love,

For without its warmth, the heart grows cold.

Love is patient, love is kind,

Love is a beacon, for my heart it shines,

Free from envy, free from boast,

It kindles hope, and guides the lost,

For all that's crafted, not out of love,

Holds no meaning, is empty cove.

But how shall love, approach our souls,

If not in vessels, where trust bestows,

With patient prayer, we bide our time,

Till it arrives, breaking barriers prime,

For love's profound, it roots entwine,

Even in the stern, when hearts align,

Such was my state, before you, Arifi, oh mine.

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About the Creator

Victor Chavarria

I'm a writer not cause I write. I'm a writer cause I'm truly myself when I do.

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Comments (1)

  • Test12 months ago

    Every line is a poem in itself. Wonderful!

Victor ChavarriaWritten by Victor Chavarria

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