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A Light That Finds a Way

Forever bond, it was their fate.

By Victor ChavarriaPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 1 min read
A Light That Finds a Way
Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

A frail steel vessel, its name long gone,

weathered and worn, its spirit torn,

Struggling against waves, an unbeding stern,

Rigid and creaking, with a trembling frame,

Hope he finds in the seas no more.

To the moon up high, it's lonely plight,

Its hollow hull echoes a silent plea,

An end for this neverending nigth,

An end it seeks on the desolate sea,

To listen to his cry there is no soul.

A pull its heart makes, towards shadow still,

To join death on its eternal chill,

On its way to the storm, a breeze comes forth,

Change of route gifts a glimpse of hope,

But he no longer, strides for port.

A guiding star emerges, steady and true,

Leading the boat to skies of vivid blue,

In the port of love, the heart finds rest,

Anchored together, on each other's chest,

Lost no more, in this love's warm nest.

A lighthouse stands, a beacon's warm embrace,

Guiding its soul to a brighter place,

Its light cuts through the dark and strife,

Joining two hearts, entwined in life,

The light he found, he's now okay.

The boat transformed, wonderful sight,

No longer rigid, it slowly sway,

A supple vessel, swift and free,

In love's embrace, it dances with glee.

His soul now full, it is complete.

The lighthouse's glow, a comforting ray,

Illuminates the path, guiding the way,

With love's warm light, fears dissipate,

In the embrace of fate, two souls elate.

Forever bond, it was their fate.

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Victor Chavarria

I'm a writer not cause I write. I'm a writer cause I'm truly myself when I do.

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