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Echoes of Youth: Longing for Time's Reversal

A Poetic Journey Through the Pangs of Aging and the Eternal Yearning for Youth's Embrace

By imran FarooquiPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

A short Poetry On Give Me Back My Youth

"Give me back my youth!" the soul deeply sighs.

For time's relentless march has left its mark,

A tinge of nostalgia, a yearning so stark.

Oh, to dance once more in the morning dew,

To feel the boundless energy and spirit anew.

To chase dreams with fervor, unburdened and free,

Oh, how I long for the days that used to be.

Give me back my youth, the innocence and glee,

When the world was a canvas, waiting for me.

With eyes wide open, every moment a treasure,

Filled with wonder and joy, beyond measure.

The laughter that echoed, like a sweet refrain,

Now a distant memory, a fleeting champagne.

The carefree days, oh, how they slip away,

Leaving behind echoes of youth in disarray.

The lines etched upon my face, tell stories untold,

Of battles fought, and wisdom gained, so bold.

Yet, in the quiet moments, when twilight descends,

A yearning stirs, as my soul transcends.

Give me back my youth, the vitality and zest,

To embrace life's tapestry, with fervent zest.

To paint the world in vibrant shades of delight,

And savor each moment, from morning to night.

The years may pass, like sand through my hand,

But the flame within me refuses to disband.

For though time may age this mortal shell,

My spirit remains youthful, it will forever dwell.

Give me back my youth, in memories I roam,

Rekindling the fire that once made my heart foam.

The dreams that once soared on wings of desire,

I hold them close, like a sacred, eternal fire.

Though time may be a thief, stealing moments away,

The spirit of youth forever within me shall stay.

For age is but a number, a fleeting illusion,

In the depths of my soul, I find my retribution.

So, give me back my youth, I reclaim it within,

Embracing life's journey, let the adventures begin.

With each passing day, I'll seize the chance,

To dance, to dream, and embrace life's expanse.

For youth is not confined to fleeting years,

It resides within, beyond all worldly fears.

In every breath taken, in each beat of my heart,

I reclaim my youth, a timeless work of art.

Give me back my youth? No, I shall not plead,

For within me, the flame burns with unyielding speed.

With wisdom and grace, I'll traverse this path,

Embracing life's changes, with a hearty laugh.

So, let the years dance, let time weave its tale,

For I am the keeper of my youth's vibrant sail.

In the tapestry of life, with colors so true,

I am forever young, as long as I stay true.

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imran Farooqui

Being passionate about working as a content writer for America Suits is a wonderful opportunity to express my creativity and engage with a wide audience. As a content writer, I have the chance to shape and communicate the brand's message,

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