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Earth Song

the message we can not bear

By Charlene SinesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Earth Song
Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash

Earth Song

Of mountains laid to us magestically in distant lands so humbly. A horizon seen so distantly our future not so perfectly. If I had known the scarcity of all the cities built for thee, how I would have fought for me and others who of the dread we see. A barren land to our surpise even though the world had been kind and gentle to me. Yet I had taken for granted the waterfalls of distant lands pictured in my soul. There would always be a place for me even if it was cold eternity. The scars we leave on forests both near and far has brought me to my knees. Those in society don't have the time except to look at historical facts of the Earth song now forever changed to a mourning in oceans deep. The currents that ran so gently now have become raging floods, as ice has melted from regions far. Slowly slowing down the ocean to stand in stark contrast of what was. If we had known a freezing night, what is to come when the sun reflects only off unfrozen waters. The Earth song sang a love for us unconditionally. We look to the stars as if a guide we may find,only met with storms that act illrationally. I am not used to this as I hear the Earth song get louder. I cannot stop her mournful cry for she had loved us with rains and sustanance. I feel it is too late to act and not knowing if it is a waste of time, society marches on. I cared too much however late. A desert I look to, as if it will sustain us. A shelter we seek however meek, if I could start over and not take for granted all the riches given to me. We hold in our hands a fragile future, with not much time. I'm afraid the time has past and that is why I hear the Earth's mournful song. How we used her to every advantage.

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Charlene Sines

I love creative writing, poetry Edgar Allan Poe and Keats.Odd combination I know. I have found that my best friend really happens to be my dog. Music is also my best friend.

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