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Winter's Blue

warmth of cold

By Charlene SinesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Winter's Blue
Photo by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash

The air a cold blue and a reprieve from summer's heat.If I could see my breath as we speak, instead in awe I look at mountains it's distance felt near.Winter wrens I tried to follow,low looking towards the ground. Tiny prints left as a path to follow. Slowly going out of the trees,no distant cars in my sight.A mist of freezing fog brings an inner warmth. An hour or two as time moves.I know time has past when looking at distant clouds moving slowly across the sky and I think of the most happy thought I can. Then I can't, it's almost as if I had forgot that winter is a rest for our earth.Why I feel like I can't rest along with the changing seasons. I'm too focused on myself. Birds take flight,such an oversight. I can't explain except to think of what I have seen and in a way I think of two small hummingbirds in a summer light. Their energy makes them feel as if I should run for my life. To imagine a bird with such energy and flight gives me hope for future winters sight. I walk slowly back to my car with a feeling of sadness.I don't know where it comes from, except it's almost a guilt for futures sake. I can't walk to this place so long ago when the sky was clear and I looked forward to seeing the moon at night. It had recently filled me with dread. I shouldn't have to live like this, forgetting natures gift. I start with telling myself it is a gift for all of us, even as geese fly past. I look forward to the spring and flowering trees, petals falling in a spring storms wind.

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Charlene Sines

I love creative writing, poetry Edgar Allan Poe and Keats.Odd combination I know. I have found that my best friend really happens to be my dog. Music is also my best friend.

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