Drug Rehabilitation

Self Realization

Drug Rehabilitation

I've got cocaine in my beard snorting from my truck

Tennessee Mash wallowing on my breath

I'm so bloody high I just don't give a fuck

Keeping this train rolling could mean my death.

Snorting up again

Is always fucking with my brain

My nose is constantly dealing with the pain

Boring holes right through my nose

Scrambling around for my keys

I find myself on my knees

Blackout coming in full force

This is my way of remorse

Visions of a mortuary slab

Cause me to visit drug rehab.

Matt. Jan. 15th, 2019. 1:48PM.

I often write to heal my wounds of traumas of my past. Inspiration comes to me from my writing, and I would hope one person is able to benefit from this read to reassess their life goals. I willingly accept any gratuities to help fund my Reiki and Holistic training I will pursue. Thank you.

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