Mental State of Confusion

by Matthew Mikituk about a year ago in art

War of Acceptance

Mental State of Confusion

This is an intuitive poem that came to me and was written in about 15 minutes. I do not endorse, recommend, or dispute these ideas. This is merely a form of art as I see it. Interpretation is upon the reader. I hope you enjoy.

Schizophrenia being a byproduct of flight

Clinical understanding of irrational thinking

Acceptable treatments by a Doctor's plight

Guinea pigs of medical tinkering

My perception of irrational and lucid thought

Maybe a clash from a past reincarnation

A medical theory that would never be taught

Explained to most as incantation

Fight or flight ingrained to the masses

Neither right or wrong I believe this true

A human condition with memory flashes

Or a reincarnation that ended askew

The fragile mind of the person we knew

In constant flight from a fractured reality

Their concept of fight is long overdue

Yet this is needed for all actuality

So again schizophrenia be the disease

Questionable the bridge to spirituality be

No easy answers to put the ill at ease

Schizophrenia one day may break flight and be free

A human condition that must be guided

Compassion, love kindness and grief

Yet so many are always divided

The time could be now for a newer belief.

The path if chosen must not foster hate

And if it does your sanity will be in debate

Train your thoughts to determine your fate

Stopping your fight, and projecting love is how true humans are able to relate.

My passion is writing and my goal is to understand Reiki and be able practice through writing with energy

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Matthew. 5/29/11:14.

Matthew Mikituk
Matthew Mikituk
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Matthew Mikituk

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