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Dreamscapes of the Mind


By Mutahir AhsanPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the depths of slumber, I found myself

Lost in a world so strange and surreal

With colors that danced and lights that gleamed

It felt like a dream, but it was all so real

I wandered through a maze of twisted halls

With doors that led to places unknown

And creatures with eyes that glowed like fire

Watched me from their thrones of stone

I stumbled upon a field of flowers

That swayed and hummed a haunting tune

And in the center, a fountain of tears

Where the water shimmered like the moon

I saw a city in the clouds above

With buildings that touched the sky

And people with wings that soared and flew

Their laughter echoing as they passed by

But as the dream came to an end

And I slowly awoke from my slumber

I couldn't help but wonder still

If that world existed, just beyond a mere number

For in that dream, I found a world

So different, yet so familiar too

And though I may never go back again

Its memory will forever remain true.

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